What do U think about Illustration?

Illustration is thought.

Illustration is the graphic design of the future: I think it’s the better way to visualize ideas and concept in an original and unique way.

Illustration have the power to be suggesting, haunting, narrative, smart, elegant, exciting and dramatic.

It’s a storytelling in an image.

What do you think about illustration? Do you think it’s more useful for a marketing business than for an editorial project? I’m happy to hear from you what you think about illustration.

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I’m Alessandro Bonaccorsi: I got a strong background in graphic design, illustration skills, ¬†knowing of the whole production process and a creative mind. I’m a Graphic Artist, somewhere between projecting and being an artist.

My mission is to help people to visualize their inner thoughts or just give them a different point of view. ¬†And it’s to help art directors solving their communication’s problem.